As we launch our new ministry blog site, I decided to post a prayer or this little conversation that I wrote down years ago at a time when I first begun to use writing as a way to work through all the thoughts in my head.

This blog was created as a place for women to share with other women about the things that sometimes hurt our heart. The hope is that we help one another heal by sharing the healing love of Christ through our blog post. I thought this conversation that I had with God about my own heart was a fitting post to get us started.

“God is near to those who have a broken heart…” Psalm 34:18

Lord, if others could actually see my heart… they would find something that may not be pretty to look at. Over the years of my life, my heart has been bruised and it has been broken, so it now carries many scars. There are times when old wounds are opened and my heart bleeds and  the scars thicken.

I realize that if I could see the heart of others… I might see one similar to my own because your Word says that in this life, we will have trouble so our human heart suffers pain.

Many of the scars that I now carry are the result of “this life” because life is hard… people disappoint us, people hurt us and people that we love die and leave us behind and our heart breaks. Some of the scars are a result of the choices that I have made in this life; choices that sometimes took me places that eventually hurt me.

No matter the cause of the heart breaks that life has brought me, you Lord were always there to bring healing. You did not turn me away even when the pain was of my own making. The quicker I came to you and asked you for a healing touch, the quicker the pain subsided. I have  also learned that when I turned to you first before looking for other ways to stop the pain,  my wounds did not leave as bad a scar as those times when I tried to ease the pain through relationships, alcohol, and various other methods.

Lord, although my heart was hardened by the many scars, you have touched my heart and softened it, so it is now soft and pliable. One touch from you changed everything and  I am so amazed at how you continue to change my heart and soften it… even toward people who were the cause of my pain. The scars on my heart are still visible just as the scars in your hands and feet are still there. My scars serve to remind me of lessons learned and of the Grace, Mercy and Love that you have given me.

Change my heart Oh God… and help me see others as you see them. Lord, I want others to know and understand the healing touch that comes only from you. I want others to know you Lord as I now do. When I am in pain, I no longer hesitate to call upon you. Thank you Lord.